Working from Home – the New Normal?

11-May-2020 13:18
in General
by Admin

In the unusual times in which we find ourselves we are all being directed to work from home if we can. For many this has meant a significant shift in the way we work with technology at the forefront in helping us all to carry on and stay connected. Although home working has become increasingly popular in recent years, some employers have traditionally been resistant feeling it is essential for people to be physically in the workplace in order to fully fulfil their roles. With employees being given this unprecedented opportunity to prove their ability to successfully work from home, we look at some of the key benefits to both employee and employer.  


  • Increased productivity – many employees find they are actually far more productive when working from home without the distractions of the office environment – being able to quietly concentrate without the interruption of ringing telephones, office chatter etc…  

  • Save time AND money – for many the daily commute is a long, stressful and costly affair – working from home can allow employees more quality time spent working and a better work/life balance.

  • Create your own schedule – dependant on the type of work you do, working from home may allow you to create your own schedule building your day around other needs such as childcare. It also means that people can work when they feel most productive – for example – if you are a morning person you can start earlier in the day.

  • You will always be on time for work – no more traffic jams, difficulty finding parking or train delays.

  • Increased staff morale/ loyalty – staff who have the flexibility to work from home tend to be happier. This is great for overall company morale and can also aid staff retention.

  • It’s good for the environment – lowering greenhouse gas emissions, fuel usage, office waste etc… can all positively impact on the environment.

  • Health benefits – studies have found that those who work from home are likely to make better food choices. Rather than grabbing a pastry to eat on the train or quick takeout meal for lunch – often loaded with saturated fat – people at home are more likely to prepare something healthy from scratch.

  • Working in your pyjamas - the number one “perk” for many of working from home is not having to wear business dress or worry about hair or make up. We typically spend upwards of 37.5 hours a week at work so being able to dress comfortably is a huge benefit.


Of course, we are all looking forward to a return to normality but, here at Arc IT,  we are also curious to see if this unique period in time will lead to a shift in the way we all work. In a post-lockdown future, could working from home, or at least a flexible approach to working from home, become the new normal?