Virtual interviewing

29-April-2020 14:07
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Virtual Interviewing

Recent weeks have seen significant changes in the way we all live and work. Applications such as Zoom, MS Teams and Skype have become key in keeping us connected with friends, family and colleagues. Whether it is a virtual meeting, coffee morning or an online quiz technology is helping us stay together while we are apart.

Video interviews have long been a part of recruitment but, in the current climate, they are leading the way to ensure companies can continue to recruit and onboard the best talent.

If you have never had a video interview the prospect can be a little daunting so here are our top tips for making the best impression.


· Practice the link, practice, practice, practice – check your tech is working - check it again and again. The most common video interview hiccups are that the link fails, the computer camera/microphone is not working or candidates can’t share the screen for the presentation they are giving. Although not insurmountable, this may cause you to become flustered and mean you don’t perform as well in the interview as you otherwise may have. We recommend having a call with a friend or family member beforehand so you can ensure everything is working as it should. This will also help you to feel more comfortable talking to someone on screen if this is something you are not used to.

· Dress appropriately – you should check in advance what the dress code will be for your interview. We are finding that most clients are not expecting candidates to wear full business dress but dressing smartly will help you feel more confident and make the best first impression.

· Prepare your surroundings – ensure you are in a room with good lighting and minimal background noise. If possible, have a neutral background behind you and keep any pets, children or housemates out of the room.

· Close other programmes – So you are not distracted, it is a good idea to have other programmes closed when you are on the call. Email, news or social media alerts could potentially distract you at a vital moment.

· Use notes – don’t be afraid to have your CV or notes with you. You would have brought both with you to a normal interview so there is no need to hide them.

· Your profiles – The first thing your interviewer will see could be your photo and maybe a user name. Keep both professional while you are going through an interview process. Or set up another account just for your job search.

· Body language – try to have a good posture. Make sure you are in a comfortable chair as you may be on the call for a while.

· Make sure the interviewer is engaged – Being aware of the interest level of your interviewer is crucial. Take time to check they are engaged.

· Look at the camera – Make sure you are looking at the camera rather than the screen. You can still have eye contact this way.

· Leave pauses – add extra pauses before and after answering to avoid talking over people with an audio delay.


Video interviewing may have seen a surge in popularity due to lockdown but we are receiving very positive feedback from both candidates and clients and think it will be something that is very much here to stay. In many cases, it is enabling recruitment to speed up dramatically and making for a simpler, more streamlined approach to matching the perfect candidate with the perfect job.

If you are currently looking for a new role then, please get in touch as we would love to assist you. You can send us your CV using the “Submit your CV” option under the Your Career tab above.