Pawesome New Arrival!

14-January-2019 11:09
in General
by Admin

Here at Arc IT Recruitment we have recently welcomed a very important new member to the team. He’s a little younger and hairier than our usual recruits and has a few odd habits - including taking lengthy afternoon naps and trying to eat out of the bin!

Oscar is a 13-month-old Pointer recently adopted by one of our consultants, Ellis McWilton. We are really enjoying having a dog around the office so thought we’d take a closer look at the benefits of allowing animals into the workplace.


- Bringing people together

Anyone who has ever walked a dog will know they are the most amazing social facilitators. All of a sudden, total strangers will approach you wanting to meet your furry friend and find out all about them. The same principle applies in the workplace, colleagues who rarely have the need or opportunity to speak will suddenly find themselves chatting over the office pup. This can lead to stronger working relationships and a generally more sociable working environment.


- Reducing Stress

Petting animals is scientifically proven to lower blood pressure and reduce stress. If you are having a difficult day in the office what a better way to relax and regroup than with a five-minute cuddle with an adorable dog?


- Promoting Productivity

Many of us are guilty of being slaves to our desks but taking regular, short breaks actually boosts productivity. Taking the office dog for a quick stroll is the perfect way to clear your head and allow you to return to work refreshed.


- Offering a better work/life balance to employees

Pet owners often feel guilty about leaving their furry companion home alone all day or face the high costs of using doggy daycare/ dog walkers. Allowing pets into the workplace can be seen as a significant employee benefit and could help you attract and retain talent.


- Boosting staff morale

Surveys have consistently found that allowing animals into the workplace increases employee satisfaction and morale across the workforce not just amongst pet owners. It can also help the workspace feel more welcoming to clients or potential new recruits


- Pets Benefit too!

In addition to the obvious benefits to employees, allowing pets into the workplace is beneficial for the animal too. Dogs are social creatures who require stimulation so allowing them to be part of your working day will mean you will likely have a happier and more content pet at home!


Oscar has already become a firm-favourite in our office, so, if you are an employer considering allowing a dog into the workplace or a pet owner thinking of asking to bring your pooch to work then we say “Go for it!”