Arc IT Consulting

Who we are

Our clients increasingly need more on-demand and flexible recruitment solutions. ARC IT Consulting is a specialist delivery partner with expertise in creating contractor heavy project teams for interim requirements. We provide a tailored, low-cost service with the ability to build teams of highly qualified contractors at pace and without compromising on the highest quality.

Hiring needs can vary considerably and we are conscious that resource requirements can fluctuate; they increase during a major innovation or transformation programme and then dip just as dramatically.

ARC IT Recruitment has been providing contract recruitment solutions to our clients for over 20 years and has a far-reaching network of the best in the market. ARC IT Consulting is a natural extension of this, we take full responsibility for building entire project teams, providing only the top talent across the full spectrum of the tech and change markets.

ARC IT Consulting - What we offer ARC IT Consulting - What we offer

Arc IT Consulting

What we offer

ARC IT Consulting - Personalised


A personalised, simplified solution with no subscription fees or retainers.

ARC IT Consulting - Time saving


A fully flexible and timesaving service.

ARC IT Consulting - Dedicated Delivery Management


A dedicated and experienced end-to-end Delivery Manager overseeing your resource solution and ensuring key delivery outcomes and timelines.

ARC IT Consulting - Network


A direct link into the extensive talent network of Arc IT Recruitment.

ARC IT Consulting - Data Driven


Data-driven progress reports and regular reviews on hiring activity and successes.

ARC IT Consulting - Contract Management


IR35 & Statement of Work management. Seamless contractor onboarding including: contracts, referencing and payroll.

ARC IT Consulting - Key Capabilities

Key Capabilities

Key Capabilities include: Software Development; Testing and QA; DevOps; Product; Business Analysis and Project Management.

Arc IT Consulting


ARC IT Consulting draws upon ARC IT Recruitment’s extensive network of tech and change professionals to build delivery teams that can adapt to meet all of your business goals. We provide a flexible approach which helps reduce hiring costs, improve candidate quality and give competitive advantage.

Arc IT Consulting

What to expect

Scalability - The ability to quickly adapt to changing project demands, allowing you to expand or reduce your team sizes as needed.

Market Intel and Best Practice - The provision of market and day-rate insight as well as ensuring best-practice processes to attract top talent.

Measurable Results - Regular metric reporting on hiring progress so you can realign efforts if needed.

Cost Saving - Affordable access to the best talent in the market, offering personalised, discounted payment structures.

Faster Time to Market - With ARC IT Consulting, you can accelerate delivery timelines by finding the exact talent rapidly and accurately.

IR35 Made Simple - We on-board contractors directly, taking away the sting and responsibility of IR35.